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前言:這篇文章會用到很多 Kubernetes 的技術名詞。

Windows container 一個大家可能聽過但沒什麼見過的技術,筆者從 2019/7 開始 Windows container 專案到現在最大的體會到的優缺點如下:

筆者會接觸 Windows container 的世界,也是因為下述美好的優點:

  • Service High Availability and Traffic LoadBalancing
  • Service AutoHealing
  • 一致的環境
  • 服務的容器化
  • gMSA

在筆者開始使用 Windows Container 之前因為使用了一陣子 Kubernetes,這當中體會到很多過去 Linux VM 所沒有的優點,而這些優點在 Kubernetes for Windows 也可以 …

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Reminder: this article contains technique terms of Microsoft Active Directory, Docker, Kubernetes.

Before start

I believe most of Windows user who knows Microsoft Active Directory (abbreviation below: AD) service. I use to heard Novell people who said: Microsoft broadcast Directory concept to the Worldwide corp.

As core product of Microsoft, a lot of product authentication and authorization around AD, e.g. NTLM in IIS, Windows Desktop login, MSSQL authentication, Windows Cluster, Exchange (there is story…), ADFS (note 1)…etc.

By the way. Due to gMSA for my Kubernetes Windows node, therefore our team should be most used gMSA user since last year. Additionally, gMSA implementation that needs AD knowledge. I use to be AD admin for a long time, and have Kubernetes experience. …

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提醒:本篇文章會用到 Microsoft Active Directory & Docker & Kubernetes 的技術名詞。


相信大部份 Windows 使用者過去都接觸過或聽過 Microsoft Active Directory (以下簡稱:AD)服務,我曾經聽過 Novell (上古神獸公司,LDAP 推廣公司之一)人員說:Microsoft 讓 Directory 概念深入到全世界企業。做為 Microsoft 核心服務之一的 AD,有許多 authentication & authorization 的功能都圍繞著 AD,例如:NTLM in IIS,Windows Desktop login,MSSQL authentication,Windows Cluster,Exc …

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Reminder: This article contains Kubernetes term and step. Due to I have been in the Kubernetes world for a long time. So, I might miss some information describing. Please leave your message, I could update this article.

Follow by the Kubernetes for Windows experiences. I would like to share Kubernetes for Windows How to. This article will contains the following topics.

  • Structure
  • Installation
  • Verification
  • Experiences of How to


Kubernetes for Windows contains the follow nodes:

  • At least a Control Plane node.
  • At least a Linux node.
  • At least a Windows node.

Maybe you just need Windows Container only, but we still need Linux OS. There are a lot of Kubernetes components in the Control Plane node. Additionally, the one of magical gMSA service has to be in the Linux node. Therefore, there is no pure Windows infra any more. Even Microsoft, they are keeping embracing Linux (open source). That is why I use Kubernetes for Windows wording, not Windows Kubernetes because of this wording could present more real meaning. …

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提醒:本篇文章包含很多 Kubernetes 技術名詞與步驟。因為筆者用 Kubernetes 有一段時間了,如果解釋不夠,歡迎留言互動。

承 Kubernetes for Windows 心得文章,筆者在這分享 Kubernetes for Windows 實做。本篇文章包含下述主題。

  • 架構
  • 安裝
  • 驗證
  • 實做心得


Kubernetes for Windows 組成如下:

  • 至少一台的 Control Plane node。
  • 至少一台的 Linux node。
  • 至少一台的 Windows node。

筆者在這提醒,不是掛著 Windows 名稱就不用 Linux OS 了,Kubernetes 許多原件仍然是跑在 Linux OS 的 Control Plane,再者神奇的 gMSA 其中一個服務也是跑在 …

Kubernetes for Windows experiences

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Note: this article contains Kubernetes technique terms.

“Windows Container” a technique might be someone know, but no one really knows it. I work on Windows container project start from 2019/07 till now. I really experienced Pros and Cons of Windows Container such as the following.

Why I jumped into Kubernetes world? I would say because of the following Pros.

  • Service High Availability and Traffic LoadBalancing
  • Service AutoHealing
  • Same deployment step
  • Service containerization
  • gMSA

Before I jump into Windows Container project,I used to work on Kubernetes project. Therefore, I really experienced a lot of fantastic that was not happen in the Linux VM. That is why Docker and Kubernetes that impact whole industry. In the Windows Container that you still can experience some of Pros of Linux Container. The first Pros of Windows Container that is Service High Availability. You just need to increase Replicas number from 1 to 2, Kubernetes will add a Pod immediately without any additional effort. What amazing world. Right? Furthermore, you can leverage Kubernetes Service to achieve traffic LoadBalancing. In the past, you have to purchase expensive hardware device for Layer 4 and Layer 7 LoadBalancing. …

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